My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post. I have sweated over what to say. What to write about that would interest others. I could promote my newly released books, talk about what’s coming soon, write about new projects I’m working on or even do a stream of consciousness about things I am thinking of writing. I do plan on doing all of those things, but I’m choosing to first answer the question I am asked more than any other:

“What made you decide to write?”

 Like most questions about important decisions in your life, the answer is both simple and complicated. And like most answers, the details are both common place and a bit ethereal.

 I was, like so many of us, an awkward kid. I was tall, thin, shy, and horribly insecure. Though my mental acuity was intact, my physical development was out of proportion. I was a mixture of kid parts and adult parts trying to coalesce into a cohesive representation of a young man. My social skills were non-existent and quite naturally I was not a member of the popular crowd. I agonized my way through puberty and the unpleasant teenage years.

I found that books were my saving grace. They became my companions and my best friends. I discovered I could learn about all those things I had imagined and wondered about as well as satisfy the curiosity that comes with one who lives in his own head. The characters in fiction stories became my friends and the lecturers in non-fiction books became my mentors. Our relationship was private and satisfying.

Naturally, as time went by, I dreamed I could not only be a consumer of these books, but a writer of them as well. I wrote and kept those stories to myself, afraid to let others read them for fear of criticism and rejection. As with most things, if you hide them from the light they wilt and die away. Then the inevitable happened. Life got in the way. The duties, obligations, and distractions of my life caused me to put my dream in storage. Sometimes you just can’t seem to find the energy or drive to pursue dreams and deal with the demands of your life.

Now that my time has become my own, I have rekindled that desire and found the time to peruse that moth-balled dream. I can finally unleash the stories that have for so long played over and over in my mind. Three of those tales are in my present library of books, the fantasy “Hearts of Fire”, the pre-dystopian fantasy “Planet Eden,” and the thriller “Cast a Long Shadow.”

“Hearts of Fire” is an on-going series, the second book in that series will be released soon. I also have a collection of short stories, “Small Bites,” coming down the pike. And I am presently working on a historical drama set in colonial times, along with a collection of serial stories about a dysfunctional detective named Titus Spelman.

I want to thank everyone that has shown interest in my work and hope that I provide you with as much enjoyment in the reading as I have had in the writing.

Talk to you soon.

F. R. Wilson


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