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Franklin R. Wilson, after a long and varied career that included working in a warehouse, being a bartender, a postal clerk, a cab driver, a bank employee, and an electrician, has turned in long-hidden dream for writing into reality, becoming a full-time novelist and short story author. He likes to brag, saying: “Writing is one of the few things I haven’t done, but it is the only thing I have a passion for.”

He has three novels debuting during the first half of 2018, with at least two more and a book of short stories to be published the second half of 2018. The first book, titled “Cast A Long Shadow,” is a page-turning thriller set in the author’s beloved adopted hometown of Detroit Michigan. The second book, part of a multi-book series, is a fantasy story for young adults titled “Hearts of Fire.” Franklin plans on publishing at least two more books of the young adult fantasy series in 2018. The third novel, which was actually written first, is a metaphysical thriller titled “Planet of Eden.” The anthology of short stories is titled “Small Bites,” and is written in another different genre from the others, showcasing the prolific creativity of the author.

Franklin is also busy working on several other writing projects: one is an epic space odyssey, another is a historical novel set in the Antebellum south, and the third is a series of short stories about a middle-aged, grizzled detective.

When Franklin isn’t writing about imaginary people and worlds, he spends his time traveling in the real world, searching for unusual adventures, scrounging through flea markets acquiring collectibles, taste-testing gourmet foods, or racing about in his little two-seat red convertible.

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