Faces in the Fire

Faces in the Fire

Faces in the Fire

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A wizard, a centaur, a talking monkey, and a satyr, orphans all, embark on a dangerous journey through a strange kingdom, knowing their lives are continuously threatened by the king and members of his court.
*Faces in the Fire*, the 2nd book in the “Fantasies of Fire” series, is an engaging and edge-of-your-seat fantasy thriller written especially for young people that tells a fascinating story of a young magician, her warrior brother, and their newfound friends who have to fight various villains and survive many strange encounters with a powerful fire that could destroy them and a voice from nowhere that seems to try to help them stay alive.
This fascinating book is filled with exquisitely detailed descriptions of the different magical and menacing situations encountered by the main characters as they engage with the unknowns from their past and attempt to move towards a better future in a new land for them all.

Title: Faces in the Fire

Author: F. R. Wilson

Format: Paperback

Published Year: 2018

Price: $9.99

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