Walking In The Fire

Walking In The Fire

Walking In The Fire


In this final book of the “Hearts of Fire” trilogy, we continue to follow the sojourn of the young sorceress Talia Terrell of Mandoria, as she encounters many new and surprising events and struggles to keep her diverse family together. What will happen this time? “Walking in Fire” is again a very engaging and exciting tale of fantasy, mystery, intrigue, death, rebirth, travel, magic, wizardry and ever-changing family dynamics. Humans, Centaurs, Satyrs, Monkeys, Cignats,  Magicians, Sentinels, Alchemists, Wolfmen, Faires, Giants, Dwarfs. All of these characters, along with the various locales and landscapes, are exquisitely described in great and beautiful detail in this story of the continued personal and magical growth of Talia, the main character.

The Fire and the Source are again cental to all that Talia encounters and also to how she work to successfully find solutions to all of the challenges she faces.

F. R. Wilson, a novelist from Detroit, Michigan, started writing after he retired as a journeyman electrician. In this, his sixth book, he has again penned a truly captivating story about resilience, survival, family and loyalty. Readers you

Title: Walking In The Fire

Author: F. R. Wilson

Format: Paperback & Kindle

Published Year: 2022

Price: $14.99

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